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The abuse must stop.

This is a short video regarding the real difficulties general practice is facing. The difficulties are National, and no surgery has been immune to the abuse from a small minority of patients.

The abuse has a massive impact on the well- being of our staff.

The institute of General Practice Managers launched a campaign with the tag #theabusemuststop. They created a powerful video which we urge you to watch. The video provides a taste of real life in General Practice.

None of the staff in the video work at Kirby Road Surgery, but we all work in General Practice and the scenarios they represent have been experienced by many of our staff.

Kindness costs nothing.

We appreciate that kindness is a two- way street; you deserve kindness from us, as much as we deserve it from our patients. Please be mindful that the team member you are speaking to may have just put the phone down to a patient who has abused them and finished the call with “it’s your fault if I die”.

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