Planning to conceive?

Please see some helpful leaflets below as well as a poster containing a QR code which will take you to some helpful information! Preconception-flier-A5_Bengali Preconception-flier-A5_English Preconception-flier-A5_Gujarati Preconception-flier-A5_Polish Preconception-flier-A5_Punjabi Preconception-flier-A5_Romanian Preconception-flier-A5_Urdu

NHS app

From the 4th September, the way Kirby Road Surgery sends out messages will change and the NHS app will be the preferred messaging pathway. Download the NHS app and turn on … [continue] NHS app

Dog safety

It is imperative that both parents and children are equipped with the knowledge they need to enjoy spending time with dogs safely. Close supervision is necessary to ensuring dogs and … [continue] Dog safety

Summer in the Parks

Targeted Youth Service in Luton will be holding fun activity sessions in parks around Luton. Please see the poster below for more details!